Stay Positive


I’m going to save everyone.

How so? I haven’t figured out all the details, but I’m working on it. What are you doing?

We live at a turning point in history. Whatever happens with elections both at home and abroad, we are not bystanders in the destiny of humanity. We, my friends, have the ability to step up and lead ourselves through these times of uncertainty and fear. Now is the time for us to start building a better future. Do not easily ally yourself with political slogans or the lobbyist calls of either the left or right. There is no us and them. Think objectively about the issues presented to you and even have the savvy to use the internet for a little research. Whether you believe in the proclaimed good intentions of our magistrate or not, you should believe in yourselves and each other.

The world need heroes, my friends. The world needs people to grit their teeth, saddle up and ride in pursuit of what they believe in. The world needs people who will never say die and face whatever trite apocalypse the media sells them with a sneer of disdain. These days, of any of the other days I’ve witnessed in my short life, there is so much obvious suffering in the world. There is no truth and there is no justice some would say, but these doubters and the haters simply aren’t trying hard enough. I have found truth in the many faces of love. I have found justice in a self prescribed code of morals and ethics that is guided by my own faith in what’s right and wrong, not at the instruction of some talking head or popular rhetoric. The world needs you heroes. It needs you to fight until your dying breath against fear, apathy and hate. We as humanity must pursue goals that both satisfy our own desires and needs while providing for the welfare of those less fortunate or less capable. In the face of terror we must remain vigilant and honorable. We must look the beast in the eye and stand fast no matter the horror it threatens to inflict. I do not ask of you to bear arms and conduct violence against our fellow human, no instead I demand that whatever it is you do in life you do it well. Play guitar. Draw pictures. Build dog houses. Fight fires. Run marathons. Bake cakes. Rage against the machine. Love everyone and everything in your path. Whatever you do, attempt consideration and compassion for your fellow man. If you feel you are justified in violence, even if you are right, you are wrong. If you believe in anything less than total human equality, you are the villain in this chapter of humanity’s story. Yet, know this, even villains can become heroes in this world, for redemption still exists. Do not conduct yourself and your actions as if you bear no merit upon the world, for you my friends are the only thing that can save it.

We are all superheroes now. If you had an iphone loaded with apps in 1984 you’d be capable of more than anyone could dream of at the time. That technological separation you feel with your parents or grandparents? That’s the rift of history that we’re all caught in. It’s society re-calibrating itself to new technology and new ideas, like in the century before, and whether or not you’re a history buff I bet you know that those days were filled turmoil and death, just like the many days since. The difference is that today in 2016, you’re here, and you’re all super-heroes. The science fiction of our parents days and our childhoods are in fact a reality. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. I dare you. When you get up in the morning and take the bus or get in your car or don’t even leave the house, I just want you to believe that You can make the world a better place somehow. Just believing it is enough at first, and then you’re not going to be able to avoid it. You’re going to believe that you can save everyone too.

I write books that carry messages. I serve people drinks and entertain them to ease the tedium and grating anxiety of reality. Ultimately I‘m just doing what I can to make the world a better place. I hate the corruption and lies of those that conduct our society, but I don’t want to watch the world burn just to piss on the ashes and claim some sort of rebellion that I don’t understand. Juvenile protestation is so 20th century. Talk is cheap and judging by the internet it’s getting cheaper by the minute, so what we need isn’t more prattle- what we need is action. I’m 28 so if you’re either a decade up or down from me you can probably speak to the confusion and weirdness of our generation, but rest easy in knowing, that it’s always been this way. The world is filled with chaos and uncertainty as the complex metaphysical battle of good against evil rages on, just the same as it ever has. Yet for this confusion and tension, life as we know it has never been fuller. This world floods at the edges with beautiful people, spectacular ideas and those that make all our lives a richer deeper experience. It is necessary to have brave people stand for us as a vanguard against against violence, abuse, inequality and the divisive viral infections of religious and racial hatred that have fuelled the forge of the human war machine throughout history. But before we can ask a soldier to take up arms against another human, the education of their fight must be honest. Our soldiers must know the symptoms of our social diagnosis before they can ever be asked, or authorized, to make the decision to take another’s life. This is an ideal that many would scoff at in the past as egalitarian or naive. The difference is that now, we’re here. The smartest, most advanced, creative, FREE people in the entire GOD DAMNED world. What was all that for? Huh? What was the past 2000 years of bloodshed, racial discrimination, religious bigotry and hatred for? So we could sit on our asses and expect more for nothing? I don’t think so. So whether you’re building a high rise, copywriting some new ad, teaching a university course, treating some kid’s broken arm, helping someone pick out dishrags, struggling with your own addictions or issues, selling someone insurance, learning stairway to heaven in your basement, brokering a high priced real estate deal, butchering a hog or tending bar-when you’ve got a few seconds to spare? The world needs you.
The world needs you to do whatever it is you do. I know you’ve got deep inside you, that thing you can do better than anyone else. I know you’re depressed. I know you’re angry. I know you feel powerless in the face of the soul sapping news that rains down upon us every day. But you can beat it all, I believe in you. You are more powerful than you think and you are no longer shackled to the ideas and dogmas of the past. All your fear. All your damage. All your hatred. All your guilt. All your sin. All these things are powerful, but not as powerful as the harnessed power of your will. The energy that awaits all those who would tempt fate, look the devil of doubt in the eye and dare to achieve greatness. There is healing and absolution for all of us, and no one should be excluded.  There is a rebirth coming for mankind, but it need not be born out of bloodshed or the ashes and the remains of the old world. It can be a sacred union founded on honouring those fallen over history and celebrating our evolution as we move forward to respect the beliefs and cultures that populate our still beautiful planet. Everything that was ever promised to you by preachers, politicians or gods? It’s already in you. They never had it. They could never touch it, they could never take it. Because they are weak, and that’s why they need you. They don’t have friends, they don’t have talents and skills. They are a consortium of liars who have burned every last shred of imagination and magic from their minds, as they only care for themselves and their affiliation with their simple strain of power. Those that would proclaim that they have easy answers or present you with an ultimatum of belief are adept at only lying to convince you that you are weak. You’re not. You’re the most powerful being in the universe. All you have to do to activate your super powers is to reach out and help someone, then you’ll see how high you can fly.