I’d like to announce that I’ll be a launching a new novel this fall. I don’t have a definite date or space set yet but I’ve been finished the book for a while so I hope you’ll join me for the release of the final novel in my Bartender series.

The Bartender: The Last Waltz


I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I wrote two novels before I turned twenty and you’ll never get to read them. For most of my early twenties I wrote short stories and other creative pieces, releasing them in ‘zines, before I decided to start writing a novel inspired by the pulp fiction, crime and comic books that I loved. That novel, which I started writing on the beach Summer 2011, became The Bartender a 3 part pulp fiction novel series that transcends sub-genres, tones and prose styles while attempting to remain a rapid fire, functional piece of commercial fiction for the twenty first century. These works are the distillation of many of my favourite aspects of action adventure style fiction, infused with my own creative influences and garnished with my perceptions and observations of people, society and reality.

Yes, as I wrote The Bartender I was in fact a bartender. That role gave me insight into a great many things but thats not who I actually am. It was a role I played. Now that story is over to me. My creative process no longer requires that I live parallel to a world of criminality and sin to provoke my imagination. I’ve been there done that. I can still do it. I will never forget it. I loved it. But I was very happy to finish these books and be done with all that. Know that the shit I’ve seen I can’t un-see. Understand the amount of people I’ve known that I’d love to forget. There are secrets I keep without anyone ever knowing that I had them. I know where the bodies are buried. I know the dirty deals. I’ve seen the blood on the street. Eventually I realized that life behind bars is time served, bub. In the time it took me to write these books I have been a rogue hustler and a neighbourhood sheriff, conducting straight business while immersed in ethical ambiguity. Walking that line has educated my methods of detection, sharpened my skills of perception, and time and again return me to a place where my willpower and toughness is tested. The whole point of this experiment in identity was to write a set of novels sharing what I had learned by way of action adventure crime story. It could be said that in writing these books it all got a little out of hand and perhaps I got carried away.

Sure I was stupid enough to make the stylistic choice of putting my own face on the cover of these books. In the process of attempting to market them I have regretted it. Somehow blatantly fictionalizing your life is more embarrassing and less socially condoned than you might think. Or maybe I’ve just been paranoid. Now that it’s all over I have decided I just don’t care anymore. How many albums do you see with the artist’s face on the cover? Know that at some point in my youth, while I was still in constant need of attention, I was shamed into understanding that just running your mouth because you have thoughts isn’t good enough. You gotta be able to back up what you say. Talk is cheap. That’s probably how I ended up writing these books, because I said I was gonna do it and then felt like I had to do it. It was hard but I became a better person and a better writer because of it. Just know I don’t really have any desire to sing praises for myself. It’s hard to think that I’m all that awesome. Even writing this, an announcement for something I should be proud of, was difficult for me. I’ve always just wanted to write stories. Write books. Lose myself in imagination. Investigate stuff. Get into something in a complex way and understand the nuances. Live it. Feel it. Break some bones for it. As much as I have written these stories for myself, the hope was that when I was done other people might read them.

That’s it! I’ll be releasing more information about the launch as the plans are set.

You want to know the rest of my secrets you’ll have to read the books, which are available on Amazon, and hella cheap and right on your phone from Kindle. Or you if you want to support your local bookstore you can order them wherever you buy books. Ask for them by my name!

The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town
The Bartender: Appetite for Destruction
The Bartender: The Last Waltz

Cover Art for The Bartender: The Last Waltz by:
Milton Stille-Cover Photography.
Peter Warkentin-Cover Design.