The World of Adventure Factory

Here’s what my books, so far, are about.

My first series The Bartender is about a seemingly cynical, jaded, and tough as nails bartender with smooth moves and a mysterious past that comes backs to haunt him in the form of a handgun anonymously delivered to his place of employment. In pursuit of his tormentors the protagonist Tom Wolfe leads the reader along through a mystery that takes him into the underbelly slums and harsh realities of the downtown east side and up to the ivory towers of high society.

thebartender 2

It’s like the social satire of Bonfire of the Vanities meets the hard boiled crime of the Maltese Falcon, juiced up with the outrageous sensibilities of Grand Theft Auto. Throughout the series I maintain the same continuous mystery story, although each book reveals more about the overall plot while altering the tone and shifting the genre. The first book is a hard boiled detective story. The second book is a psychological horror thriller. The third book is a heist story that gives insight into the character’s past, reveals the villain and his motives before ultimately wrapping the entire thing up.

My second series Lazlo is about a  globetrotting filipino independent super operative who, along with his teammates Alberta Duke and Jacques takes big scores and fight the evils of our terrestrial reality and beyond, into the farthest reaches of space and time, into the collective unconscious.


Lazlo stories are roughly 10 thousand word white knuckled rides where the plot functions like a Rube Goldberg machine made up of spectacular action set pieces. Lazlo’s adventures take him just about anywhere. For example in the first volume of stories Lazlo infiltrates an African extremist group, releasing captive child soldiers, rescuing the kidnapped Nigerian School girls and preventing and ebola outbreak. In a story from an upcoming volume he’s on a mission to rescue Jacques from a Alien legion that’s secretly in control of earth. Lazlo, written simply, and has the straightforward stylistic action of the graphic novel series Hellboy, the inventive spirit of classic pulps like Doc Savage and the Shadow, all kicked off with an incredibly strong hit of acid.

 Although Lazlo and Tom Wolfe are similar, they both occupy a world of ridiculous action adventure, their attributes, skills and personalities are very different. Tom Wolfe is the micro, the small details, the reading of people, the hustle, the intricacies of corruption and confidence games. Lazlo is the macro, the larger than life, the things beyond comprehension, the unsolvable problems and unbeatable villains of our world. Lazlo has all the coolest gear and goes from country to country at a whim. Tom Wolfe pursues localized mysteries and explores his own thoughts. Together they make up the yin-yang spectrums of an universe of adventure which has begun to grow bigger since I began these projects back in 2011. The world they inhabit is the world of Adventure Factory, the name I gave my then infant publishing line for these works. It is more than just a publishing banner, both of these characters and their supporting cast members, as well as characters I have yet to finish novels about, they all inhabit the same functioning universe. Their connections are not always obvious and the cameos are sparse but make no mistake I have very intricate plans for the destiny’s of both Tom Wolfe and Lazlo moving forward. 

If everything goes my way I’ll have two new Lazlo stories out this summer and a new series entitled Wolfmen Investigations , starring Tom Wolfe.