Countdown to liftoff.


Art by: Sarah Campbell

In less than a week I’m going to be packing up my shit and hopping in a Van with the dudes from BRASS, Vancouver’s darling punks, and heading on a speedy tour (tentatively titled : The Keep ‘Yo Dick Hid tour) to Penticton, Edmonton and Calgary for the infamous Sled Island Music Festival.

Dates are as follows, lineups are tentative:

June 21st @ Kurt Russel’sVancouver with: Anchoress

June 22nd @ The Royal Canadian Legion, Penticton with: HEDKS & Lost Apes

June 23rd @ The Buckingham, Edmonton with: HEDKS

June 24th @ The Brothel, Calgary with:

June 25th @ Sled Island, The Palimino, Calgary with: Pears


Devon, Tristan, Rory & Eric have allowed me to come along for the journey not just because I’m a pretty cool guy but because they’re hoping that I can re-forge Alberta’s perception of the quartet. Since last tackling ‘Berta they’ve traded up a bass player and written (almost) a whole new album. I’m here to see what happens as they test their mettle on the road a year after the disastrous No Soap Radio tour fell victim to vehicle fires and a major personality malfunction. This year I’ll be taking on the role of Tour Dad as well as documenting as much of the journey as possible. I’m hoping for some video, photographs, audio and of course a lot of writing about the experience. It’s my goal to gather enough memories and materials to write a uncensored book about the tour. This is me getting in the swing of writing about more topical stuff.

Hit me up on the road @AxelMatfin on twitter or instagram!

Hope to see you in Alberta!