Lazlo: The Hunter

Lazlo is a Filipino Super Operative created to have ongoing adventures which can be told over a variety of mediums. Lazlo as a character is directly inspired by the golden age pulp characters The Shadow and Doc Savage. It is the author’s intention to tell intelligent and entertaining stories punctuated with high quality action illustrations, about a character who exists to hunt the evils of our time, existential and otherwise. Lazlo beheads the monsters under the bed of our modern society with extreme prejudice.

Lazlo: The Hunter- 15,000 words. This book showcases Lazlo in three short stories presenting him and a variety of his adventures. In the first story, The Hunter, he assassinates a gangster in Saigon. In the second, Dark Continent, he parachutes into Africa to free a platoon of child soldiers, rescue kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and prevent an ebola outbreak. In the third, The Mark of the Demon, he attends a tournament of fighters before inevitably uncovering a dark magic and an occult practice that breaches a barrier between dimensions releasing a legion of demons that he must do battle with.


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